About Your Vocational Rehabilitation Voucher

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If you are receiving California Workmans Compensation for medical issues because of an accident at work you may already be qualified to receive a vocational rehabilitation voucher. We can help you obtain and use your vocational rehabilitation retraining voucher.

We have a California State Certified bilingual Rehabilitation Counselor to help you evaluate your workmans compensation claim to see if your workplace accident will qualify you for a Retraining Voucher.

If you already have a Vocational Rehabilitation Retraining Voucher, because of a workplace accident, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor can work with you to develop a training plan suitable for your needs. A training plan that focuses on the skills you need to be employable in a new field. Act now, don't let your voucher expire!

If you have any questions or concerns about your vocational rehabilitation benefits that you recieve in California, please feel free to contact us. We can help you find out what you qualify for to be sure you get the maximum benefit from your workers compensation claim.


How Will You Use Your Voucher?

Our workmans comp training school is centrally located in Modesto California and serves all of Northern California and the Central Valley. Our location is especially convenient for students in Stockton, Tracy, Sacramento, Merced, Turlock and Fresno.

We provide custom designed workmans compensation training programs in addition to our fixed course schedule. The custom courses are offered at convenient locations or you can take the workmans comp training class in your own home.  These courses focus on business and computer skills that will allow you to start a new career if the injuries from your workplace accident prevent you from returning to your former job.

We are pleased to serve the technical training needs of the California Central Valley including Stockton, Turlock, Sacramento, Manteca, Merced and Fresno.